Choose a frame from a SWF file

I´m currently evaluating SBPro for buying it in my company, and I have a issue/request to make.All our animation database was made on Flash, and we have a database search system based on swf files.I´m making Storyboards with SPB, and trying to use our already made animation as frames on the panel.Is there a easy way to choose a particular frame on an SWF file, to show it on the storyboard?I´ve noticed that playing a panel with the swf file on it(before turning it into drawing), and stopping on any frame I can turn that particular frame into a drawing, and work on it. But it´s difficult to stop on a particular frame. It should be an easy way to scrub into the swf and choose a frame, like the preview panel.It would be perfect If I could get the frame from the preview panel, or use it to choose the frame from the swf on the panel, and then turn it into drawing.There´s a way to scrub into the swf file? If not, this could be a excelent new feature for future versions.Thanks in advance.Mauricio Mendes

You can just scroll though in the Timeline view. Choose the frame you want and convert to drawing. You can zoom in the timeline as much as you want (1/2) then move the frame head along to the precise frame.