Child Peg Shifts when Parent is moved


So I was trying to recreate the Character in the Animation Series where the hair and face are connected to the head with a cutter.
(i.e. so that they can shift and remain within the head barrier.)

Everything seemed to work out fine, but when I added the pegs and parented the Face Peg to the Head, the face would shift when I moved the head Peg.

I tried to do a number of different things. Like make a peg for each drawing in the face before doing a master Face Peg, and creating a Peg for the Head and then a Master Peg for the Head and Face together.

Nothing seems to work. Can you help?

I am learning rigging myself and coming to grips with all of it. In looking at your node view screenshot, is that an Auto-Patch module you are using going into the Cutter? So that is a way of extracting the color art to use as a mask?

I have been using a method where you copy the drawing of the head and put it in the Overlay layer, then I optimize it, flatten it and delete the outline. This leaves me just the color art to use as a mask. Then I use a Layer Selector to select just the Overlay layer, a Color-Override to select the flesh color and then pipe that into the cutter. A lot of extra steps, is one way better than the other?

I looked at the character and node view and did it this way, which is how I have been learning it.

I used the mask twice and had two cutters because I wanted to keep the hair and face separate, so that you could have the hair over top of the eyes and move it separate from the eyes. I also left the nose out of the face group when I masked it so that it would not get clipped when the face was moved to the edge of the mask.

I did use a Master Peg and then had a Head Peg and then a Face Peg attached to it. I didn’t have any trouble with things sliding when I moved either the Master Peg or Head Peg. Don’t know if this is of any help but it is great to see other users node view setups.

Oh, and just for good measure I gave the dude an ear.

Hey Scungyho,

Yeah I was planning on placing the Nose outside the Face Comp so that it can have a Profile view.

I played with it a little more and now it appears to work. Basically I think the problem might be that I drew the face with the Brush and the head with the Pencil tool.
That or I played around with the drawings and their positions after I made the pegs.

Now it works though. Yaaaaay…!

I checked out how you accomplished this and it looked good. As the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat. LOL

And yes I used an Autopatch to create the mask on the Face. I uploaded a higher Res photo of my Nodes if you want to try to mimic it.

Yeah, it is so true that there are many different ways to do things. I guess I have been unfairly leery of using some of the modules like Auto-Patch, Glue, Auto-Fold because I had this impression that they may be intensive and slow things down.

I just have been on this kick of late to explore all of the sub layers of a drawing and divide up artwork and use the Layer-Selector Module to pipe the various layers to other modules.

It is funny but I have read reviews of Harmony where people say it is too rigid and you have to do things a certain way. I don’t find it that way at all. You can do a lot of experimentation and find multiple solutions to problems, but having that node view is just so necessary. I don’t know how I could ever do without it.

I’m sure the Auto-Patch would slow down the Final Rendering process.

But coming out of the 3D Animation world, having an extra 10 minutes on a Final Render is nothing.

I’ve just started this year learning 2D animation for this very reason. In 3D it takes like 10 hours to render one scene. It’s nuts.

Yeah once you get the node view down you kind of can’t go back. I dread doing stuff on the Timeline now. LOL

Toonboom in my opinion is very user friendly and it works. I tried to learn Flash a few years back and just gave up.

There’s that new free software also that was just released that made Futurama and Archer. But there is barely any tutorials about it and it looks very complicated.

At the end of the day being a freelance hobbyist animator, I want something that will work and output as fast as possible.

Check on the Z axis values of your peg, or your drawings. Try to check them out on the Top View as well. large gaps between drawing nodes create a “sliding” effect when moved around the stage with respect to the camera position.

Also, make sure your pegs are not clones.