Child Anchors

Heya all –

I work a lot in Flash without rigs, and more often than not I’ll have the legs and arms of characters be one complete piece each, as opposed to two pieces connected at the elbow/knee – so the arm symbol, for example, has within it’s timeline a complete arm bend. Outside of the arm, you can frame swap to get the degree of arm bend you like. I find that having a joint at the elbow or knee is more trouble than it’s worth, and often quite ugly.

So I’ve been using Animate, and figuring out the whole Skeleton structure idea, and I’ve come across the same issue – the jointing works well, but it’s still pretty ugly. I’d like to use the whole arm/whole leg concept in Animate.

The main problem with this technique is that when you frame swap the arm, the hand is left orphaned away from the wrist. So what I was thinking was it might be cool for every symbol in Animate to not only have a Pivot (which controls where the symbol rotates from, etc.) but also a Child Anchor.

The Child Anchor could be defined for every drawing in the symbol, and basically any child of that symbol would automatically have it’s pivot placed on the anchor. So if you frame swapped the arm, the child hand would always stay connected at the wrist.

Does this make sense?