Chico and Rita

I just saw the film at the cinema - it looked great on the big screen.

The backgrounds especially, looked really rich both in colour and depth,
does anyone know the process used to create them?



They just look like textured brushes and highlight/tone if you are trying to do that sort of thing in animate.

That’s my dilemma - I bought Animate not Animate Pro - no textured brushes!

I had given Bitmapping a go in Photoshop but found the
large file sizes a bit tough to work with in Animator.

I’m looking at perhaps using Illustrator instead - dunno if this
was something used on Chico and Rita?


You can also do your backgrounds in Photoshop then import them in.


I just read the case study on Chico and Rita and there was no mention of using Illustrator. They used Harmony so they would have had texture brushes available to them. They may also have imported textures as texture pots in the colour view and then painted with them. They could have also used some Photoshop for their backgrounds. It’s probably a combination of all three.