Chico and Rita for an Oscar.

congrates to the ToonBoom family! Chico and Rita has made it to the Oscars…

i finally watched it, it’s a great movie indeed. i wasn’t as much impressed with the animation though, you could tell a lot of rotoscoping was involved.

thanks for sharing this Lilly. i read some where that Dreamworks actually outsourced some scenes from their feature “Puss in Boots” to India, i guess this too tells us the industry no longer follows a centralized set up.

so i was wrong, the whole film turned out to be rotoscoped? ???

Interesting, it wasn’t 100% rotoscoped but keyframes from each second of live footage was traced (with TVPaint) and then the actual animation was moved into Toon Boom.

they wouldn’t 100% rotoscope, otherwise they would have had very obvious boil in their animation.

Wow! This is awesome! Did you guys have a chance to watch it? What a great film!


They actually had a really interesting, totally different and out-of-the-box approach to how to do the animation. You can read the full user story here: