Check out my animation

Here’s my entry for the Heinz top this contest that I made with Toon Boom Studio. I don’t even know if I’m going to qualify, just because my video is 35 seconds in length when it was supposed to be exactly 30 seconds, which will really pish me off. I worked really hard on this…but anyway, lookie my viddy.

that really nice work! I hope you win!
How long did it take you?

I have my sound off at the moment so i cannot hear the voice acting or music but the animation and drawing quality are good!

Um, I’m not exactly sure how long it took me, but it seemed like forever. I worked on it daily and had to stay up 2 days straight to make deadline which made me kinda sick and really tired. So hopefully they’ll qualify me.

What a marvelous story-line, beautiful artwork and excellent voiceover,
I bet “Mr. and Mrs. Heinz” will be delighted and very proud !
“This is a winner !”…