Check out Adam Phillips (recorded)live stream using Animate Pro2 Ididn’t get a chance to see it live :frowning: but atleast we can see the recorded stream.

There are a couple of his Streams on there not just this one.

Awesome thanks for posting. I am definitly going to have a look.

He got excited when talking about doing Live Streaming Animate tutorials and have us ask questions as he does it. I almost fainted at the idea. :o

In theory it sounds good. In practice i don’t know. You would need a moderator so only one set of questions reasonably paced. But a workflow Q&A would work well. I don’t know about a tutorial. I always planned to Q&A tutorials for my tutorials if lots of people posted questions in the channel but I don’t get asked much so I haven’t done it. So like if one of my tutorials lots of people said how do you do xyz. I would just add another part. Obviously didn’t work out in practice.

Thinking about yeah you’re right about that.

The more i think about it, for workflow it would work great.Like just does he normal thing and then people can ask about specific things in his workflow.For me personally workflow of other people is of great interest to me. I always love watching and thinking how it could make my flow faster.I always think people get too “set” because one person said it. At times when I do tutorials I try to stress this is one to do and mention different methods even if i don’t use them.

My workflow is a mess for all software I use right now. Mainly because of all these shortcuts I have memorized but differ in different programs. I’ve resorted to creating multiple workspaces to accommodate that.