Cheating the tablet in a way.

Before I get a tablet, I was wondering something. If you really want something to have the originality of your drawings on paper, could you draw a small simple thing and put the paper over the tablet and trace it? Or is the tablet very sensitive to that sort of thing. Just wondering about creative ways to work around the "non-paperness- of tablets. lol. :slight_smile:

Stop! I’ve been hearing this for too long and I’m tired of it. No the tablet won’t feel as drawing on paper, but yes the tablet will help you to draw on the computer.

I’ve been using tablets for over 10 years and I have a regular tablet and a cintiq and I still keep my sketchbook right next to the computer, because sometimes you have to draw on paper…

Sometimes is the software that makes the difference, the only software that I think can emulate pencil on paper is Corel Painter, other software just doesn’t feel right.

Toon Boom is great but as far as the feel of drawing tools it is very far from the real deal of Pencil on paper.

So try to think about what you are getting with the tablet: the ability to draw directly on the computer, unlimited layers, unlimited colors, UNDO!, unlimited versions of your drawing, zoom in while drawing, transparency, etc. You loose some of the good old feel of paper but you gain a lot of benefits.

Good luck.