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in tb sound edit, the audio is fine for each character’s voice track. However, when I perform the internal playback and sometimes the swf external playback, some of the audio in the character stream seems muted. I am using individual wav files that I load into a single element, set the lipsync, then do the modify lipsync map… not sure what the problem could be - i am wondering if i would be better off to have each wav file set up in its own element… has anyone had this problem before and found a solution? Thanks, dan


Are you sound streamed? It maybe be that the sound don’t have time to load properly. Are you also getting this when you use a pre-loader?

If you sound are streamed are you getting the same behavior the second time the animation play (if it is cached the sound may load properly the second time around).

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Hi Ugo -

Pardon my ignorance, but i have no idea what you are referring to :)… are you saying that in the tb audio editor, the ‘streamed’ box should be clicked? if so, it is … question is, does that cover the entire stream or just that one part of the element that happens to be highlighted within the editor? the way the element is set up is that it contains all the conversation for a particular character spaced out so each fits around the other character voice elements … parts of each element will play fine, while others do not during the playback, but all work fine in the editor -
Is there another process i should try to stream each voice file into a single file then bring into a TB sound element?
thanks, dan

As a general rule it is advisable to break your soundtrack down into the smallest elements practical. What that means is that having multiple tracks for sound elements in your timeline is a good idea. All tracks for sound should be set to stream. Separating voice from effects from music is always a good practice as is separating characters and even dialog sections for the same character if they occur far enough apart in time. -JK

hi JK -

broke out each voice file into its own element, but still it’s a hit or miss situation … if i press enter, one or two will seem to be muted… i hit it again without changes and they may work or another won’t … seems like there’s no consistency to which one works and which one won’t … the files are all .wav - i’m just at a loss with what else to try … i am on a mac, using tb 4.5 … the scene is 2900 frames - would it better if i broke it down into smaller chunks? thanks, dan

hi all -

this is getting really frustrating … i have broken my sound files up into nine small files where the largest may be 100 frames … i have tried bringing them all into a single sound element and still i get random muting … if it was always the same sound bite, I could just delete it and bring it back in again … but it’s not, i could hit the enter key three times in a row and three different tracks will mute during the playback. I have 4 gigs of mem, so i doubt it’s that - i have broken the 2900 frame file into three 1000 frame scenes … I just don’t know what else to try … is it just the sound not building fast enough during the playback? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated … i am using the tb4.5 mac version, if that helps… thanks, dan


You would need to stream every piece of sound you import. So make sure that you open the sound editor on each sound and check the Streamed checkbox.

Also, you might want to try converting the sound to another format. It may be that the sound compression is not processed properly. Importing a different type such as a .wav or .aif might give better results.



I would love to be of more help but this is a sticky problem because it involves sound. I know you don’t want to hear this but the problem may go back to your original creation of this sound track outside of TBS. Sound can be recorded in many different ways, different sample rates, different forms of compression, different formats ect, ect. If this entire sound track was recorded at the same time and in the exact same way and created as a single piece then it should work fine. If on the other hand you recorded it in pieces or assembled it from multiple sources then you need to go back and review that process and rework the sound until it is homogeneous. Beyond that I’m at a loss here because I’ve not encountered this problem. I’m not saying that there isn’t another cause inside TBS but I’ve personally never had a problem with sound reproduction in TBS using a clean homogeneous sound track. -JK

hi guys -

thanks for the feedback … it’s interesting that restreaming the audio was suggested … while trying to figure out what the heck was going on, i brought in other projects and the audio worked fine … i began to wonder if somehow the wav files sent to me by the client may have some issues … I am going to go back and see if I can’t put them through some sort of a program to reformat them … hopefully that will straighten out whatever issuse the files may have … is there a good set of sample values the audio should be set at in order to give it its best chance of success in TB? thanks, dan

I’m not sure of any optimal setting requirements. I don’t think that it is that precise a situation. The issue is not so much a specific standard of parameters but rather just that the sound track is clean and consistent so that no confusion occurs during translation and play back. But certainly the fact that you didn’t produce the sound track and are unsure of how it was produced, that certainly points to the possibility that it may have internal issues. A hard learned lesson we all encounter is to not minimize the importance of sound track production. That is an art form unto itself. -JK

hi all -

no matter what i try, and no matter what audio files I bring in, whether from an old project (that have worked on previous versions of TB) or from a new, i get random mute playback - sometimes the track will play fine, other time it won’t - tracks that played in one playback won’t play the next time I engage the playback - what i am forced to do to get projects out, is to export the project to a swf file, copy the output file to a cd, take it over to the pc where my tb 4.0 is installed, import the file in, create a sound element, then take note of where the audio is muted and fill in with the same audio files i used to create in on my imac using TB4.5 - there has got to be something going on whether it is the imac or the tb4.5 or a combination of both items that’s causing this problem … but i’m sure its not the audio files since i can play them cleanly on the pc using tb4… any ideas on how i can track the problem or run some sort of diagnostic while tb4.5 is rendering the playback would be greatly appreciated… thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

If you still can’t get the sound to work properly in that project would it be possible to provide us that project in particular so we can look at this in detail here?

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hi Ugo -

Most definitely - if you could send the upload information to I will send it and the associated wav files i am using to see if you guys can figure out what’s going on … just started a new project and am experiencing the same issue with a whole new set of different wav files … I would love to find out what the problem is and get it fixed … as I am sure it has something to do with the imac and its configuration … thanks, dan