Character Rig full turnaround. Kinematic Output problems with deformers.


I decided to try and build a full character turnaround rig instead of doing separate rigs for each angle (ei: Side, Front, 3Q, Back). So the turnaround is all in one rig. I made it so the drawings layers pivot point is mirrored to the peg. I then adjusted all the pivot points for each angle of the character. I then put in bone deformers for the arms and torso for all angles with new chains for each angle.

Here is where my problem started. I want to rig the arms to the torso. So when the torso bends the arms move with it. I usually do that with kinematic outputs and it seems to work only when there is only one angle for the rig and no turnaround with multiple bone chains for each angle. But now when I use a kinematic output the the arms warp all weird and the rig breaks.

Any idea or tutorials that I can follow to make sure I’m doing this right? It seems to work fine if the rig doesn’t have multiple bone chains for each body part angle.

Thank you!


You are on release version of harmony 14 which has a bug that breaks deformations if you make a deformation chain. You need to contact support and get them to send you a beta fix release.

Thank you so much vrexus. I’ll see if they will send me the beta fix for that.


Please contact for your issue to verify the cause and possible of solution.


yes, kinematic output is not working as usual in version 14. I notice that it must be place before the transformation switch in order to work (between the chain and the switch). Is not perfect but it works. Hope they release a fix soon.


I am also having the same problem and still can’t figure out how to solve it.
I used to do the turnaround rigging using Harmony 10 and 11, the procedure is very intuitive and the results are great, but everything went bad as soon as I upgraded to 12 and now 14.
I have contacted the support team but haven’t got any answer yet.
So I hope if anybody who has the answer or solutions can be kind enough to share it here, I will be very grateful.

Thank you


Try emailing