character put on clothes?

How am i supposed to animate a character dressing?
For example, if i want the character to put on a shirt? Should i create a layer that looks like the shirt and animate that layer frame by frame, until it looks like the shirt is on. And then change to a cell where he has the shirt on?

And also, do u recommend animating using bones or just rotating the different body parts? And if i use bones, should i still break the character up in all body parts? For example, even if i use bones, should i have one layer for the upper arm, and one for the lower arm, or should i just keep them together on the same layer?

I would reeeeeally appreciate getting these questions answered. :slight_smile:

You should not use bones for this. It’s easier if you are using a puppet made of a peg-hierarchy.

The unclothed character should be a rigged character template (i.e. rigged using a peg structure and saved as a template in the library). The Clothed character should be another rigged character template matching in size and structure the unclothed one. In fact just make a copy of the unclothed character and replace the unclothed body parts with clothed images instead.

For animating the action of actually dressing you will start with the unclothed character interacting with the clothes (clothes should be separate drawing elements). At the frames the character becomes clothed, hide the unclothed character (make sure that its timeline has no exposure after this point) and match the position of the character with the clothed character which you will start showing at the frames following. You can also selectively do this with the individual body parts.

I hope that I explained this well enough for you to be able to follow.

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