Character library with TBA

Hey guys,

I want to make some kind of library so that I can reuse these characters in other scenes. I have create two characters in seperate files, all setup in hierachy (I’m planning to create more like that)

I was wondering if anyone can explain what these folders files are doing? Like elements, environment, frames etc…

I’m sort of new to TBA. I was wondering if anyone can help.

If you want to create characters that you can reuse in other scenes, all you have to do is create a template. You can create your template in the Animate library, or create a new library inside. Right-click the folder where you’d like to make the template and then select “Right to Modify”. Now collapse your hierarchy for your character and drag it onto the right side of the library.

Now you can close your scene and open a new scene. Browse to the library and drag your character back into the scene. It’s that easy!

If you want to transfer your character to another machine, then you can just browse to the .tpl file in a file browser and copy that file from one machine to another. Then when you try to import the file in Animate, make sure that you browse to the folder where the .tpl file is located by right-clicking in the left side of the library and selecting “Open Library.”

You shouldn’t need to touch any of the folders… In fact I’d highly recommend that you don’t touch any of the folders, because doing so can unlink files from your scene and when you do that it can be hard to get things back. For your info, though, elements is where the drawings are stored, frames are where the final rendered images of your scene are stored when you render (this you probably will want to browse to if you’re rendering out frames instead of a movie). The only other folder you might want to be aware of is the palette-library folder. In here is where your scene palettes are stored. You can copy a palette from here into another scene by importing into that scene and browsing to this location.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Lilly,

Thank you for the quick response. Unforunately I was not able to carry out the task. I did follow the instructions and drag the symbols which I created over to the Animate Library after I have checked “Right to modify” However nothing happened. The Library did not have new symbols added. I tried refresh and I still got nothing.

I’m using TBA v7.6


Hi Lilly,

I think I made a mistake, by dragging directly from the symbols to the animate library. I tried dragging directly from timeline and it worked.

My character is grouped with a peg. The animate library doesn’t seem to recongnize a peg. (I learn this from a tutorial)

Since dragging the peg over doesn’t work, I created a new drawing layer and group it over all the body parts. It seem to work. However, now all the layers have shift place. Like the nose has gone behind the head etc…

I can fix this, but it’s a little annoying. I also notice this kind of problem with a change the hiearchy of the body parts. Is this a bug or it is a user problem? Please advise. Thank you.

You should be able to drag over a peg no problem. When you drag over a character that has a hierarchy with pegs in it, just make sure that the peg is collapsed (the little triangle facing the right, so that your child layers are all hidden under the parent peg). Then drag the peg layer onto the template library and it should copy the peg and all of its children over.

Does this work for you?

Regarding shifting body parts, make sure that you have a keyframe on frame 1 of your timeline. Also, drag from the left hand side of the timeline, don’t drag a cell from the timeline. Dragging from the left side will create a master template (to reuse characters) and dragging from the right side will create an action template (to reuse animation).

I hope that helps.

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Thank you.

I suppose it was all a newbie mistakes. Now everything works.

Great tips and awesome support!


I’m glad you got everything working!

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I find the best method is to group the character rig. select the whole thing then hit Ctrl+G name the group the character name. then copy the group and paste into the template library.
That way when you pull your characters into your scene you have a single group for each character, and a very tidy network.

Thanks all for the great help and tips.