Character Layering

Would I need to add layers to a character if I do frame by frame animation?

You mean if you need to use more than one layer?

It depends on what kind of animation you are doing.
If you use several layers you can move one part of the character and have a hold on the other part.

So It’s very much up to what your are planning to do with the character.

What I plan on doing is making frame by frame animation. But since that I’m new to this, I don’t really know how I should do that. Now for the layering bit, I meant the character being a single object with countless layers for each part. Not sure if that is how I should go about it.

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Hello Austin,

Have you taken a look at our Learn portal? We have a journey specifically designed for giving you all the fundamentals for frame-by-frame paperless animation, located here:

If you have followed this journey and still have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to get you the answers!

dstruble, please provide evidence of this fraudulent claim. INSANE!

I’ve probably been a harmony customer longer than you’ve even been an employee there!

Posting a single heads-up about competing software is spam? Asking why my posts are being deleted is spam? I don’t think so. No doubt you’ll delete this “dissenting” post, too.

Hi Muchachotron,

Comments about software that are not Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro are flagged within our internal system as spam because more often than not they are actually spam, usually the malicious kind. In the case of spam, the policy is to delete it, which is why your original message got flagged and then deleted. From there what happened is that your posts started to look more and more like spam, especially as you began posting more often and on various unrelated threads which raised a bigger red flag. To clarify: This is why I used the term “known spammer”, since in our system you looked no different than an actual spammer, even if your intent was different.

Thank you for flagging this with me though, and I will take a look at our internal process for how we handle these things to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again.

Yes, this spiraled out of control.

I take great offense to being labeled and shamed as a “known spammer” when I’ve never done anything of the sort, especially because I’ve been a Harmony evangelist (despite gripes that I may vent) and a forum participant for many years. Spammers are the scum of the earth.

Yes, ToonBoom definitely has to refine this spam-flagging mechanism because it really caused some emotional distress throughout this whole mess. My initial, flagged-for-removal post should have been in fact embraced and studied by ToonBoom as a future feature, instead we have this ugly situation. All I wanted was an explanation, and now I have it.

Sorry for the tangent on this thread, Austin. Nonetheless, dstruble please keep this here for posterity.

I certainly hope you continue being a forum member for many years to come.

I added further clarification to my previous post as to why the system flagged you as a “known spammer”, which is why I used the term as well. Looking at it a bit closer shows that this wasn’t entirely the case, so I apologize if this made you feel attacked in any way.

Your feedback is noted by me and will be used to continually improve our processes for the future.

Gotcha, I think we are square now. Thanks for the clarification on the system automation’s role in this debacle.

Guess you can trust ol’ ToonBoom after all, Austin :slight_smile:

Great! Just when I planning on using Toon Boom. They had to do something that starts to break my trust with them. First Adobe Flash and now this!

Let’s hope they learn from this. If they ever.