Character is Behind Background

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got this weird thing going on where the character is behind the background in the main camera view. In Perspective View, he is standing in front. In Top View, he’s clearly in front.

I see in the top view, there’s this white vertical-horizontal guideline. If I pull the character all the way below this line (in front of it, I guess), the character appears. What is this white guideline? I have created a very large environment, so maybe I’m just trying to film inside too big of a location? Maybe everything needs to be south of this line, or centered on this line, in order to work properly?

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

Hmm, I’m seeing this again. A character’s hanging hair, which is supposed to be immediately behind the head, appears to be behind the clouds in the background.

The background stuff, and the clouds, and the sky, are all pushed very far back in the top view. The character and the hair, etc, are all very much closer.

But again we get into this white guidelines/crosshairs thing. If parts of the character are behind this horizontal white line (in the top view), they misbehave. If elements are closer than this white line, they’re fine.

What are these white lines? Do I need to keep everything in front of them, background included?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

Thanks Lilly! That fixes it exactly. (Animate Pro.) I went and watched your Tip of the Week that mentioned pass-through to better understand it, thanks!

To anyone reading this that might want to understand pass-through, the tutorial on youtube is here:

Are you using Animate Pro or Harmony?

Do you have a lot of background layers that are all connected to a Composite? Whenever a compite is set to Bitmap, it flattens the layers at that point. Also, if they are all in a symbol.

So if they are connected to a composite, then click on the yellow options box and set the Composite to Pass-through.