Character Cut-Out?

Hello. :slight_smile: How are you all today?

I am in the process of cutting out my character into different parts. I am using the cutter tool, and have one problem… After i have copied the body part, i add a new drawing element to past it in there. Then when i try to past it in, the past in link is disabled.

Anybody know how to do this? If there is another way of doing this, please tell me?

Thank you so much in advance again, your of great help :smiley:

The copy and paste for drawing objects requires the drawing view panel to have focus. That means that it must be the active window. To make a window active you need to click in it or on its frame. Once the window is active the menu option to copy or paste a drawing object will be available. Anytime you click on another panel that panel gains focus. So when you copy from the drawing panel it has focus, then when you select the x-sheet or the timeline to switch elements the drawing panel loses focus and therefore you must click in the drawing panel again to have it regain focus and then you can paste into the newly selected element’s cell in the drawing panel. -JK