Character Creator

I wanted to make a animation but you needed to draw. On Anime Studio, you can create a character but there are no bones and the quality is stupid on Anime Studio Debut. On Harmony, can there be a character builder with bones and features when you draw. Yes i hate drawing. I posted my topic on the wrong board because no one uses Toon Boom Animate product anymore.

you can download template files, character files:

Or you could buy the Pro version of Anime Studio, especially if you’re considering the very expensive Harmony. The least expensive Harmony version is still more than Anime Studio Pro. Just sayin’… I use both, depends on the needs at the time. And as far as quality, garbage in, garbage out. I’ve seen breathtaking quality in both AS and TBH, and I’ve seen crappy quality in both as well.

Oh, another alternative is CrazyTalk Animator 2 from Reallusion. Not a big fan of the company as a whole, but the product is pretty good, especially if you can’t draw since it doesn’t even have drawing features. Pick and choose from pieces and parts to build a character…