character cannot be seen in render view

I’m working on a scene, and in this scene there’s a bird, I can see it in Open GL view but the character disappears in the render view!!!
When scene is tested in SWF the bird is visible but it is not visible when rendered.
PLZ help I don’t wanna cross the deadline. ???

Does the bird have color? or is it just a Black outline? Try adding a colour card.

No it’s not black on black problem, there’s a yellow sunset scheme BG.
and the character is made by just black pencil strokes. Earlier it was visible,
I wonder what happened and it starts disappearing!!!

Try moving the character layer forward a few times with the Transform tool. It may be intersecting another layer just enough to not render correctly.

Also, make sure the drawing isn’t too big compared to the grid in the drawing mode. I only go about 3/4 of the way to the edges at most. If it is then scale the image down and increase the pencil stroke size to something meatier.

It didn’t help!!!
Layer is not too big, and also it’s not on the same level the oter layer is .
What could be the problem??? ???

Do you have effects on some layers? If so remove them until the render works. It might be a setting in an effect.
What software are you using? Animate, Animate 2, Pro, etc.

In APro do you have multiple Displays? Could have the wrong display choosen.

I’m using toonboom Animate, and that layer has no effect attached to it.

maybe a screen shot in open gl and screenshot in render view might help the problem.

I just had something similar happen to me. It turns out the position the layers were on the z axis were causing problems. Try disabling every layer besides the one giving you trouble and see if that fixes it. If it does then you will need to reorder your layers’ z-axes until everything works correctly.

Hi! :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone for help.
I figured out what was the problem…
when I rendered the scene pencil strokes were blurred by the software and as the stroke width was very less, it got kind of smudged. I increased the width of the strokes and I got rid of the problem :smiley:
Thanx a million everyone. :wink:

Maybe you could link a couple of screenshots to show what’s happening. Was it the black-on-black problem?


You can double-check the layer positions from the Top view to see whether the layer you can’t see is behind other layers.

To share a screenshot with us, simply upload it to a free site like Photobucket and then post the link here.