Character Breakdown Secondary Parts Question

Hello all,

I’m working through the Animate tutorials, and am having trouble determining what I’m doing wrong in the breakdown tutorial (secondary parts) with regard to the first eye pupil. In the tutorial the instructor says to hold ALT and select the pupil which selects the inner portion. She then says to hold alt + shift to also select the surrounding outer line. However no matter what I try when I click outside the inner circle the tool selects the entire white of the eye in addition to the pupil and therefore making the kr_01_eyeball empty after cutting and creating the new drawing layer.

I tried converting the pupil pencil lines to brush strokes and after doing that I can select the entire pupil, but I’d really like to know why I can’t get it to select in the way she’s telling me. I’m using the Adobe Flash keyboard setup as the tutorials do.

Thanks in advance for any help.