Character break down question?

Hey All,

I’m currently using Toonboom harmony and i’ve been following along the animate pro tutorials. Right now I have broken down my character and I’m in the middle of cleaning him up. I was wondering should i be cutting the arm in to forearm and upper arm or is this suppose to be done using deformation in harmony?

What is the best way to go about breaking down and getting my character ready to animate? follow tutorials on the website? or should i be trying to deform them from the main break down layers?

thank you,

It is a choice ;D

Just because you have the tool doesn’t mean you have to use it. That said you might like what it can do and use it.

If you can get the look and feel in the animation without deformation do it that way. Keep the deformation for cases when you really need it. If you have a rubber arms and legs then deformation is the way but it your style is more jointed and patches at the elbows work then do it that way. Deformation are generally more demanding on the processor.

If you have texture in the character you probably will have to use deformation for the joints because a patch system is hard to deal with for them.

You can do a mix also where you do your master rig without deformation and when you need it for a special situation you add it in that scene only. This way your master rig stays simpler.

Like TheRaider said it’s a choice depending on the style of your character and the animation you intend to do.