Changing timing on multiple panels at the same time

Can I select multiple panels at the same time and change their timing duration to the same thing at once?

Or do I have to do it individually?

It’s crazy if this feature is not included! It’s basic for building and testing animatics

I haven’t found a way to modify the duration of multiple panels at once. Need to do this panel per panel.

Thank you, real life saver!!

Hi! maybe is too late, but you can select all the panels and add or remove frames with + and -

Yes! My evening was saved by your post. May the goddess of fortune reward you for your good deeds.

THANKS FOR ACTUALLY POSTING AN ANSWER! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I needed this!!

A far easier method is to use the in-built script system.

Go to Windows > Toolbars > Scripting.
Depending on how you have your Workspace set up, you should now see a new toolbar added with two icons, one an f with a small arrow pointing down and an f with a small square.
Click the first f to bring up the Script Manager

There will be three columns: Files - Functions - Toolbar

Look for and select TB_ChangePanelDuration.js in the Files column, this will give you a new select ChangeSelectedPanelDuration in the Functions column and click the small arrow that appears to add it to the toolbar column. Click apply and you should now have a new script macro that looks like a cog icon added to the scripting toolbar.

Now just select the required panels in the timeline, click the macro and type in the new panel length in frames.


(Caveat: this is using SBP6+ I forget if earlier versions have this feature)

Select multiple panels in the timeline, then select Storyboard / Change Panel Duration. A “Modify Panels Duration” dialog window will appear. Change the timing. Profit.

I have this setup on a shortcut key.