"Changing thickness across 200 drawings"

Hi there,
The original Animate Pro 3 tutorial video claims to be able to “change the thickness (stencil) across 200 drawings”.
Can someone please show me how this is done.
Many thanks.

If the line the line is drawn in pencil line, you can change the line thickness all at the same time by selecting ‘applying it to multiple drawings’ after ‘Permanent selection’ is used to circle the area to enclose all the drawings on that layer. And then change the line thickness from Tool properties of selection tool.
There is a script also can change the line thickness of pencil line on multiple layers and also over time but I do not see that video tutorial about changing the thickness across 200 drawings to verify.
By the way, if it way drawn in brush line, it is hard to get a good result using line thickness option in layer properties>Advanced tab of the layer since it works with the center line of the color art (that you need to create it to work since there is no center line in brush line) but the result will not be that great especially when lines are met on the edges.

I managed to figure it out after a few attempts.

A great tool and very powerful.