Changing the timing of panels after layer motion has been spread.

I often find the need to alter timing after a layer motion has been spread over several panels. If the timing change is evenly spread over the panels affected, the results are ok, but if some panels end up longer or shorter in duration, the layer move is no longer smooth.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of fixing this (I haven’t found a way of copying layer positions between panels) apart from recreating the whole move on the first panel and spreading it once again. This seems an unnecessary waste of time. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way of fixing this?

I don’t think there is anbeasy way. But it could fantastic if we could set keyframes on layer movements, like we can on the camera

Although you can’t set keyframes in the same way as the camera, you CAN specify holds at the front and end of a move, which is almost an equivalent, though perhaps a bit more fiddly.

with you on this one too barry - I have been using SBp for years and still haven’t figured the camera and layer stuff comfortably . Its programmed in a counterintuitive way I feel . I have never got my layer and camera work to be satisfying . I still haven’t figured the double keyframe for camera moves. Why is there a key on the last frame of a panel and then a new one on the first of the next panel ? It don’t make no sense to me.
Toon boom have never answered mer when i queried it .