changing the shape of a line

I know how to do this in flash but not with ToonBoom Studio. Here is what I want to do.
In flash I can draw a line, either with the pen tool or with the brush, add a key frame later in the time line, change the shape of the line or shape by using the contour editor, and then just add a “shape tween” to get the inbetweens. The result is the line changing shape over time.

Can this be done in ToonBoom Studio?


Toon Boom Studio unfortunately does not have Shape Tweening implemented in it so you would need to manually redraw the element if you want to change a circle to a square. This feature is currently available in our higher end software.

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That is bad. I think, it is time. Flash can it, Anime Studio can it, The Tab can it, Synfig can it …
Toon Boom Studio is great - but …