Changing the Library folder path

How can I set the folder to my Harmony Library to be in a different drive path?
I’m running Windows 7 and would like to get my Harmony Library to be at X:\LIBRARY\ToonBoom_LIB\

Thanks for any help.

The existing libraries in Harmony all have their purposes and it is generally assumed that animators will create their own libraries. To create a new library in Harmony right-click in the smaller library window (the one with the folders, not the one containing the templates) and select “Open library…” and choose a folder on your computer to use as a library.

Ideally this folder should not be nested too deep and should avoid all accented characters, spaces and special symbols (not just in the folder name but also in the path leading to this folder). Only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe to use for naming.

Thanks. One of the things I’m running into as I move between two different work locations, is although I copy my project folder entirely, some things end up in the Library, I think. So I’m trying to get my Harmony projects to be completely self contained so I can be sure I have all my files when I travel to the second location.

If you maintain only one library folder per location, you can zip the library folder and carry it back and forth between the two sites.

You can also copy the individual .tpl template folders back and forth to update each site’s library if this is simple to manage. Just place the tpl folder in folder used as your library and the template should be available through the Library window from within the software.

Note though that ion order for this to work, both sites need to be running the same version of Harmony for compatibility.

One thing to be aware of, by the way, is that the Library folders are completely independent of the project. There’s no linking to the Library. When you drag and drop something from the Library into a project, it makes a local copy of that object in the project. So it’s always self-contained.

That being said, sometimes you might want to zip up the library and bring it with you anyway, if you need access to all those templates.