Changing the frame rate help

I made some earlier animation in the default 12 fps, and have since been using 24 fps. I have to make a combined demo reel of some of my work, that uses the 12 and others use the 24 fps. I am hoping there is a way to easily change the 12s to a two for one update to make the into 24 fps.

Has anyone encountered this problem? I would really appreciate any help or advice anyone might have beyond going through the 12 fps work and doubling each frame, which can be done, but will drive me crazy doing it.

The reason I want to do it as one multi scene TBS file is so it can be save as flash for internet use. ???

Hi Rob,

Changing the framerate of a project after it being done is quite tedious. You would need to stretch everything out and most likely reimport your sounds. This being said your best option probably is to simply convert the exported file that is 12 fps into a 24 fps file in an editing software.

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Thanks Ugo for your input, but I was hoping the program could do the conversion, with it being a simple math thing, going from 12 fps to 24 fps is just a matter of doubling the frames.

Its only a 15 sec animation, and no sound. I have about 5 of them to do… I started one last night, and lost track of what I had done, and its so tedious I started to fall asleep doing it. ( previously, I requested/recommended that in TBS it would be nice if users could change the colours of the frame markers, to work like post-it notes to mark areas that need to have things done, or others that are done… or to visually mark critical sequences… hopefully that might be an easy future addition to this great program)

But frame rate changing could and certainly be a welcome programming addition.

Do you happen to know what the “Force frame rate” means under the “Play” menu? At first I thought this was the answer to my problem, but I can’t get it to actually do anything when I click on it.

Rob Mackintosh


I will note down the suggestion though it is standard and strongly recommended to have your frame rate setup properly before doing anything (though I understand in your situation it could not really be predicted).

As for the Force frame rate feature it actually force the software to follow the frame rate you have set in your scene when you use the play button. This feature is useful when you run the software under a slower computer which might have a hard time keeping up with the frame rate and end up playing the animation slower then it should have been. What the feature does is that it may skip some frames to keep up with the frame rate you have setup.



Thanks for the explanation on Force Frame Rate. For my demo reel, I am going to supply it in two parts, one at 12 fps and the other at 24fps… there’s just no way around it.

But the ability to have 3-4 colours (I’m Canadian) for users to change to mark the timeline frames would be a nice feature for easier scene planning in TBS. Think of it… a patch of light blue is where the character is running, and the white frames are ones I have designated as ones to delete if necessary and uh… oh!, sorry, got carried away dreaming.

Many thanks for your replies and help.

-Rob Mackintosh