changing template files in a compsite

I made an animation with a man on a bicycle and that worked fine. I made the man and bike in a new file and saved it as a template. Then i placd the template in my composite file.

Now I want to chage a color of his jacket. How do I do that? I clicked edit template and changed the colors, but when saving it said "maybe not to be animated anymore. I see now the changed templates in my library, but the file in the composite stays the same. How can I import it and replace the original file, so that I have not to keyframe all over again?

Thanks in advance!

When you bring a template into a new project, it becomes an instance of the object. By that I mean that it is no longer tied to the original template that it came from. The best solution for you would be to modify the color in in the project that you are working on.

If you want future imports of the same original template to have a changed color, then you should use the “Edit Template” to modify the color in the template.

Another way to do it is to drag and drop the Template into your scene as new layers while pressing Alt. This will open the Paste Special window >choose the Option Palettes> Copy and Create new Palette files.

This will bring a second palette in your palette list with the right colors. Now just remove the old palette from the list.

In the future if you want to work with a “master” palette concept I would recommend that you create a color model scene where you decide the colors of your character or prop. Then you create a template of that character or prop. When you drag and drop the template in future production scenes make sure it links to the original palette in the color model scene. To do this you can either press the Alt key again and in the Paste Special choose “Link to original palettes (colour model)” or you can change the Preference>Template> Palettes> Use original palette so that it defaults to this way of working.

Be aware that using a master palette concept means that you should not move where the original scene and palette are because you will break the link. You should not rename the palette or scene either. It is powerfull because you can update all the colors of your production in one place but if you break the link you will have to reestablish them. You could do that with the Color View menu > Link to External…

By the way I just thought you could use this Link to External to link to your template>Palette Library> palette_name.

Thanks for the post, that makes a lot clear to me.

But actually I have another problem, I changed not only the color of the man’s belly, but also made it larger. In all my template previews in the library they look like I want them to be, but it isn’t updated on the animated part in the scene itselfs.

How can I fix that, and that it’s not necessary to animate it all again?

thanks in advance!

This is a different issue because there is no link between a template and scenes. When you bring a template it copies all the files (except the palettes if you choose to link) into the scene.

The way you could do it go in a normal browser to the Template folder>Elements> element_name> copy the new drawing and paste it into the scene’s folder>elements> element_name. You would basically override the file with the same name(it has to be the same name of course or else you would have to redo the animation of the scene).

You will have to do that in each scene that you need to replace the drawing with a new updated one.

Thanks for the explanation. Its clear now. I know templates out of a CAD/3D drawing software, as instances of a component, so when you want to change something, you just have to change a template/component.

Thats why it didn’t work for me to just change the templates. Now I overwrite the files in the folders you mentioned and it works great now!