Changing stroke properties

Hi Forum,
I’m a newbie – and yes I probably should read the documentation – but I have a quick question that’s been driving me nuts. If I have an animation I’ve coloured – how do I change the stroke? In FLASH you would simply highlight the animation (or oblect) and in the properties pane adjust the stroke – all strokes would change (thickness, colour). But this does not seem possible in Animat? C’mon – it must be doable – any suggestions?

With the Select-Tool select your Pencil-lines… (or Select All)
In the Select-Tool Properties Panel adjust the size in the Pencil Selection…
(this works only with central-vector-line-strokes)

To change the Pencil- or Brush-size on the fly, hold down the o-key…
Drag left or right for size-adjustments…

Another important thing… If you have different color strokes you may change their color easy at once after selecting all of them. But, if you want to change their size, the selected central vectors (lines) should have the same ratio.
So if you had 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, and you needed them all to be 2, you would have to select the 3’s, change their size and later the 5’s…

That’s so far what has happened to me.

Just make sure you have pencil lines, and you can do this in Pencil Selection in the Tool Properties window. If you aren’t working with pencil lines already, then you can select your strokes and right-click and then do a Convert to Pencil Lines, however this conversion is never perfect since it has to take a pressure-sensitive line, extract what it thinks the centre of it is, and then remove the pressure sensitivity.

You’re better off working in Pencil Lines unless you need the pressure sensitivity, in which case you can always convert from Pencil to Brush at the end to get your thick and thin with the Contour Editor.