Changing scenes

im sure this is basic and should be obvious, but im a noob so deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i change scenes? like for example,

there is a man dancing on a car in a city,then it shows the same man drinking coffe in his house, then it goes back to him dancing (same animation)

how do i change scenes from him dancing to drinking coffe then back to dancing without havn to copy and past all my cells back and forth.

ALSO lets say i have the dancing man in one file and him drinking coffe in another, how do i go about puting them together? :-\

Use the scene manager panel to add a new scene and to switch between current active scenes.

You can move existing assets from scene to scene using templates and the library.

Each scene is independent of the previous scene although they will render and play in sequence as you want them to, which is also controlled by the scene manager. -JK

thanx ;D