Changing Scenes in TBS 5.0

I spent the last couple of days creating a 2-scene file in TBS 5.0. When I try to change scenes, either through the drop-down menu on the timeline or through the Scene Manager, TBS unexpectedly quite, so I can never get to the second scene.

I exported the entire Movie to Flash, and everything showed up there, but still can’t get to Scene 2 through TBS.


Did you manage to access your scene-2 in the end. If you are still having problem you may have to send our support team the scene so they can analyse further what is going on.

Best regards,


Sorry, Ugo–I should have notified you when the problem was solved. I sent the file in a bug report and we managed to solve the problem (it ended up being caused by my having resized one of the columns in the Exposure Sheet.) Thanks!