Changing render type (Direct3D and OpenGL)

Hi, I’m completely new to ToonBoom and I have literally no idea what I am doing ^^;
But everything on the program appears to be black! The onion skin is black, the colour card is black, the pen comes out as black even if I have it on a different colour.
I looked up some solutions and everyone is saying to change the renderer. They are saying to open the preferences and go on the display tab, but the thing is, I don’t see a display tab!! So I don’t know what to do :confused:

If anyone could help I would be so grateful, as I only have 20 days left of this trial, and I don’t want to waste those days

As far as I know, this was a Preference Feature in Toon Boom Studio (OpenGL / Quartz2D / Direct3D).

Harmony is using OpenGL.
Is your Graphic Card compatible with Harmony ? Have you installed the newest Driver ?

Still no luck? Contact the Toon Boom Team.