changing perspective of imported movie?

I would like to know what I must do to change the perspective of imported images and quicktime movies with the perspective tool ???

You mean you want to use the perspective tool on them? You need to vectorise on import to be able to use the animate tools on them.

I always vectorize upon import…still nothing…what else could cause this?

As you’ve discovered, you can’t use the perspective tool for this purpose. When you import an image what it does is it applies the image as a texture to a plane. So when you use the perspective tool, what it does is it cuts off the edge of the texture - what I’m thinking you want is for the texture to actually be modified in a perspective, for example to place your movie on a television screen in the scene.

To do this, you need to use the Quadmap instead of the perspective tool. Create a Quadmap layer and then drag and drop your image layer onto the Quadmap layer. With the Quadmap layer selected, go to the camera view and do a View > Show > Control. Now you can use the Transform tool on the corners of the Quadmap to modify the position.

Hope this helps. For more on the Quadmap, check out the User Guide.

Toon Boom Support

very good Lily this has provided the answer to all my questions :smiley: I can now place my movie on a tv screen as you predicted 8)