Changing pencil stroke width

If you did a pencil drawing with a pencil width of say 10, is it possible to somehow select the strokes and reset the width of the stroke to 5 so the drawing has a thinner line width?

I know this can be done by converting it to brush strokes and then with the contour tool making it thinner there. But this would obviously take forever.

Is there a way to just select a pencil-drawn stroke and dial the width down?


Yes there is! Just select the lines with the select tool, then in your tool properties window, scroll down to “Pencil Selection” and then you can set it to 5.

Toon Boom Support

Awesome! Thanks.

I’ve been able to change pencil weights from something like 5 to 10 using the selection method, but I’m having trouble changing the value if it starts at 0. When I select the pencil lines with 0 weight and try to adjust the slider, it doesn’t do anything. Any way around this?

I’m trying to give the lines value for preview playback, but want them zero in the end for a no-line fill look.

You might be better off using a very fine line the same color as the fill.


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