Changing panel duration is super slow

using 20.0.2, build 20.10.2 (17538), working in timeline workspace.
any modification to panels duration is super slow, it takes anywhere between 7-10s to process any timing adjustment.
The project is short, 00:11:40:00 with 327 shots, 1673 panels (with 3-4 layers per panel on average) , 1 transition, 8 audio tracks and 3 video tracks.

are there any tips to improve the speed when editing an animatic at this point ?

using win10, amd ryzen 7 1700x, rtx2080, 32GBram, SSD 1TB.
(on a new project, everything works fine, it seems the amount of shots slow down TBSP linearly)

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fixed in 21.1.0 (18395) - the issue seemed related to video tracks