Changing opacity of imported bitmap

Hi there,
I’m wanting to trace over an imported bitmap as reference but I want to change its opacity so that it’s easier to trace over.
Surely this is possible but I’m damned if I can find out how.
Any help would be great.

Thanks Lilly,
Sorry should’ve mentioned I’ve got animate pro 2 so no ability to add transparency layer in the add new layer button…

You need to add it as a module in the network view.

Is that the only way?
Was hoping there was a simpler method…Those modules are really tricky…

Finally got it working thanks!

That is the only way. I hope as an upgrade for they allow you to add most effects the animate way too and automatically arrange network view.

Network view is really good once you get used to using it. If you have a look at my light saber or eyelid tutorial I use the network view a lot. I also have a tip on adding mutiple layers to the same effect.

When I follow Lilly’s suggestion to alter the opacity of my bitmap, the bitmap turns a dark gray right before it returns to 100% opacity. How do I avoid this?

Are you using Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2? Just add a transparency layer and drag and drop the bitmap layer onto the transparency layer.


I’m not sure what you mean by dark gray… Perhaps it’s an OpenGL view bug? The transparency module is actually an effect, best viewed from the Render View, but there is a preview of it that plays in the OpenGL view.

If you are just wanting to trace over a bitmap, you can also turn on the Light Table and trace from the Drawing View and see if this works for you.