Changing my rig

As i countine to do my animation i have changed it quite often. But instead of all my other slides keeping the same form. All my other slides change with it. How do i fix this.

Hello can you explain more? I you can to be more specific.
Thank you

So i made a character and saved it. I put that character in a new scene with an already built background and such, he has pivot points and when i pivot stuff it changes it for all other frames.

are you changing the pivot points as your animate? if you are that’s the problem

Depend on your rig: if you use the “drawing’s pivot” or if you position in the peg, with “Advanced Animation–> Rotate”.

If you make in the Drawing, pay attention in the Layers Properties, Transformation Tab, Drawing Pivot, “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg” is selected.
If you create a new drawing, check you that if it has its pivot drawing.
If you use the Advanced Animation, you’ll have to position where you are interested.

I wish to help you.