Changing line color

I’ve done essentially a “pencil test” with all black pencil. Turns out it’s not that clear because my background is too dark. Is there a way to change all black lines to a different color? and on all frames at the same time? I guess if there was a way to select all strokes based on color, then change the color, that would accomplish what I’m looking for. Thanks!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, select the Colour-Swatch of your Line Colour in the Colour Palette
and change the colour… If you can’t find it…
Hold down the alt/option key (Mac), that should bring up the colour-picker/dropper
and click the Line Colour in the Viewport, that will select your chosen colour
in the Colour Palette…
Or select the Colour Dropper from the Toolbar… and proceed as above…


Thanks Nolan! That was exactly what I needed. You rock!! :smiley: