Changing from pose to pose

Is it possible to change from a front pose to a quarter (for example) all at once or I have to do it piece by piece?

Ok, I’m gonna see the video.

In the video clearly explains how to make the switch from pose to pose.
Is there any improvement of this in version 12.1?

It could all be done at once. People construct complete templates of individual pose orientations for each character and you could switch from one to the other one frame to the next.

Really? How?? Where’s the button???

You have to save a keypose for every angle and then paste or drag the keyframe to your timeline. This video should have the essential of the process:

It’s the same process whether you use deformation or not. The process works basically like this: on frame 1 you have one pose, let’s say, front, on frame 2 you have 3 quarters, on 3 side, etc. You rig your character in all the angles you want to use (front, side, back, 3q, 3qb for a full turnaround) and then you keyframe the poses. You can save on your library a key pose for every angle and, as long as you don’t change your rig - this is very important, the rig must have the same exact structure - you can drop a keyframe on the timeline to change to another keypose. The same for any bit of animation you want to insert. This might be a bit complicated so it’s best to follow the videos about character breakdown, rigging and deformation, whilst checking the documentation.

It is possible to make a large jump from one pose to another as opposed to a gradual transition.

What do you mean piece by piece?

I mean, changing the hair from a front pose to a quarter, the head pose from a front to a quarter, de eyes, arms, torso, etc… Or maybe it could be done all at once