Changing from a Harmony desktop subscription to a perpetual licence

Hello, I’m new here, so I’m sorry if my questions appear to be a bit silly. I’m trying out Harmony Essentials, and I’m starting off with a desktop subscription to see if I like it. If I do, I’d somehow acquire a perpetual licence. Is there a way to upgrade from a desktop subscription to the perpetual licence, and if so, how? Would I need to install a separate Toon Boom program from the website using the perpetual licence code, and uninstall the program registered under the desktop subscription? Thanks!

You have the ability to purchase the other license type at any time. You go to the Products page and click on Buy.
Once there, you select the product you wish to purchase and proceed with the checkout process. You will receive Mac and Windows links to a new file to download with a new license key. It will appear in the My Downloads section of your My Account here on the Toon Boom website. Even though the trial, subscription and perpetual products are identical in functionality a different license key will not convert a trial to a different type. You will be receiving a new license key and links to a new file to download and install regardless but merely entering a different license key may be all that is necessary to switch between subscriptions and perpetuals. I do not know.

You might try contacting sales first and ask whether the subscription fees you have already paid can be applied to the perpetual license purchase.