changing frame rate

Toon Boom documentation warns against changing frame rate when exporting, saying synch could be lost. Does anyone know how to create a project at 30 fps for broadcast, then export a web version of it at say 12 fps without losing synch and without having to redo the entire soundtrack? There must be a way, but I ain’t found it yet. Thnx.


Hi Scott,

You will get some sound out of sync if you project settings is
set to 30 fps and you export to 12 fps. The best way to achieve this to
export your animation to QuickTime first and then use a Video Editing
Software capable of re-sampling your video. I use QuickTime Pro (you can
buy it for 29.99$ at to quickly re export to 12fps (with
a better codec for the web too).

Thanks !


Mathieu Lavigne
Tech Support

Thanks much. I had thought of that, as I often use Final Cut for video
editing, but I need to export my final project as a Flash file. Do you
really think Quicktime codecs are better quality (or smaller file size)
than Fash movies for web delivery?

I’m sorry I didn’t realize you actually mentioned “Via flash” in
your initial question.

No I don’t think any QuickTime format is as good as Flash
movies. I was saying to export to QuickTime for you to have a solution
regarding the frame rate but I have to say that the flash file format is
the best way to output for the web (but you are stuck at 30fps since you
can’t resample sound in the flash file format).

Sometimes it’s better to export to flash at 30 fps then to
export to QuickTime at 12 fps. Since Flash is a vector file format it
might even be smaller at 30fsp then the QuickTime at 12fps.

You the judge !


Mathieu Lavigne
Tech Support