Changing Ease for multiple keys?

Is there a faster way to reset easing for all parameters than going to each individual key and settings everything to 0 in the ease parameters box?

Every time I use the “Create Keyframes On” button for tweens that have no ease initially, it adds ease on its own that I have to reset if I want to change something… but sometimes it adds it on say, just the torso of the character and nothing else.

Is this a bug? Why does this happen? How do I reset this faster than going through 100s of keyframes??

Select all the frames of your animation in the timeline. Then just above your frames in the timeline there’s a box called “Set ease on selected keyframes” (it’s the one left og the set ease for multiple parameters.) In the box that’s pops up, Set both values ( Ease in (left), Ease in (right)) at 0.00%.