Changing Colour Palette

Can anyone suggest how I can change a colour palette only for certain frames? For example, say at frame 80, a character shuts off a light, how would I make all colours change starting at that specific frame and then reverting at whatever frame the light would switch back on?

Many thanks in advance!

Not sure how to actually do it, but this looks like a job for a Colour Scale effect. Look in the User Guide page 732.

It states:

The Colour Scale effect offsets an images colours. This effect is useful in creating ambient transitions, such as from daytime to nighttime.

You can also change the values of the colour scale effect over time by attaching it to a Bezier or Ease function curve and adding keyframes.

Hope that points you in the right direction, I might be needing to do this myself soon.

You might need to clone your Palette as well. That you can find on page 221.

Thanks AlexF, I’ll give the Colour Scale Effect a go.

I am using Animate Pro 2 PLE.

I just found this tutorial for anyone else who may be interested:

Many Thanks Lilly!

You can also apply a Colour Override. Are you using Animate or Animate Pro?

With a Colour Override, you could have a second palette set up, and switch to that palette.

Hope this helps.