Changing colour in palette doesn't change brush strokes

I have to change the colour of several props in the storyboard, but when I select the colour swatch used for those items, the colour in the boards doesn’t change, even though there is no longer a swatch with that colour.I was under the impression that when I changed a colour swatch, everything that used that swatch would change as well, but that doesn’t do anything. Even after opening and closing the project. The items retain their original colour even after their colour swatch has been changed.Is there some switch or option that turns this feature on or off?

What you describe is how the swatches works for ToonBoom animation software.For Storyboard it does not as far as I know. But there is a select by color tool. That can be used to select and change the selected color by pressing another color swatch. The select by color select colors and not swatches. It only select layer by layer in one panel. It cannot change a color throughout the project.Best regardsIvar

Ah disappointing. Thanks for your help, now I know.