Changing color to alpha for multiple drawings?

So i imported a movie and converted it to drawings. It’s an animation about explosion with a black background. Now how can i change that black color to the alpha for multiple drawings? I’d like to paste that explosion somewhere else in my movie with different background you know…

Are you using Harmony Premium? You might be able to do that with the Chroma-Keying module.

Luis Canau

Yes, i’ve got the Premium. Any details please?

Actually, you can use a Blending module. Just place it below the layer you want to remove the black, connecting to the Composite, click on the yellow box for the properties and on “Blend Mode” select “Screen”.

With the Chroma-Keying module you would do similar, on the properties you would pick the colour you want to key - in this case black.

Note that you can only see this effects on Render View.

Luis Canau

Thanks, it works :slight_smile:

Actually i’d like to revive that topic now.
Now I have a different situation, where background isn’t exactly even, but represents approx. some of range of specific color (background is a green-shadowy brick wall), it isn’t moving through. Although in the foreground there’s a moving character which i want to be visible in the final render (i want brick wall to be an alpha). It may be a difficult task, but is there any fast method to make a wall to be an alpha (or some other even color which can be easily turned to the alpha)? The whole animation has 130 frames. Is there any method to avoid it to be made manually?

P.S. I tried to enable Chroma-Keying module, but with no result. I have picked approx. color of the wall up, but in the render view whole animation appears to be complete black. What’s wrong?

Anyway i doubt that it would change whole wall to an alpha, as the wall hasn’t got completely even colors. Is there any option which enables to choose some specific range of colors to become an alpha?

Hey slawek382

Is the character in this situation built in Harmony or animated in Harmony? Is it from a video or is this a image you are importing into Harmony?

Please let me know so I can understand better.



Hi. No, character isn’t built in Harmony, it’s entirely a video imported as Harmony’s drawings.