Changing color IDs of a template?

I have a few characters that were made from the same template and, even all of them seem to have different colors when opening them independently, they all start sharing their colors once I put more than one in the same scene.

So the question here is, is it possible to save each template with different color IDs, so that I don’t have to track every trace and colored area and assign each of them a color from a different palette?

I mean, in a permanent way that’s not a quick fix like doing a color override with a duplicate palette.

In the Colour View Menu, duplicate any Palette you would like. Rename it.
This will make sure, even it uses the same names and colour-values,
it will have a different Colour-ID and will be independent from the original Palette.

You still have to repaint your character from this new palette though, to make her/him colour independent.

Thanks, but I meant without having to go through every line, colored area, overlay and underlay in every frame from all the layers, as each of the characters have many, many elements.

Is this just not possible? It would be a really crazy task, otherwise.

Not that I know of…?

“Colour Override” might be your only option…

Oh, okay. Thanks in any case. :slight_smile: