Changing canvas size / stage resolution without scaling contents?

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to resize my canvas/workspace without scaling any of the contents within it.

I’ve imported reference artwork at 1920x1080 resolution, originally matching it to a 1920x1080 scene. However, I now need to expand the edges of my scene. Using Scene > Scene Settings and adjusting the scene resolution unfortunately scales my reference artwork to the new horizontal or vertical value. I’d like it to remain at 1920x1080.

Essentially what I’m looking for is a “canvas size” option as one would find in Photoshop, or a “stage size” option as in Flash/Animate (preferably with the option to choose my anchor point, as Adobe allows). Is this possible in Harmony?

Option #2: If adjusting scene size without scaling artwork is not possible, is it at least possible to rescale a layer to match an exact resolution size, rather than having to fiddle with the arbitrary “scale” setting in the layer properties (which as far as I can tell doesn’t correspond to any absolute value)?

I think 1080p quality photos from an hd camera won’t be an issue transferring them to photoshop. As for toonbom, resolution shouldn’t be an issue.

Me again - I thought I’d dig deeper into the Drawing View, to see if it will help maintain a consistent resolution for my ref art. But now I’m even more confused.

To use Harmony’s drawing tools to finalize vector assets for SWF output, using imported raster sketches for ref. I have multiple ref sketches at multiple sizes/resolutions, and I need all final artwork to maintain line weight consistency.

Harmony rescales my raster reference art to match my scene size. I have some very large elements (up to 4K) and some small elements (300x300 pixels), often in the same sketch. I don’t want to export 300x300 elements at 4K, so I’d ideally create those elements in a smaller res scene. Final composite will be done in After Effects.

I must keep my ref art at its original size to ensure line weight consistency across all elements. However, Harmony automatically resizes all of my ref art to match the overall scene resolution. Furthermore, the pencil and brush tools in Harmony seem to have no absolute value, so a 3-point pencil in a 300x300 window looks much thinner than the very same pencil in a 2000x2000 window.

I thought I may be able to solve my problem by creating all my art in the drawing view, but my Camera view and Drawing view seem to bear absolutely no relationship to one another in terms of scale/resolution.

Camera View:
Drawing View:

The light grey art is my ref sketch, and the blue squiggle is a pencil line I drew in the camera view. The blue squiggle is HUGE in the Drawing view compared to my ref sketch (the red box is my original camera view size/location so you can see the difference).

What am I not understanding about scale/resolution in Harmony?

Hi DisQuiet,

Here are some explanations on how the alignment and resolution works.

"You would have to Import Image, Keep as Original Bitmap and choose Project Resolution alignement. This will scale each layer so that the Camera View displays them in the proper relationship. However once the images are imported you have to use the scale values if you want to change the Final Scene Resolution and have all the layers readjust. There is no automatic readjustment then.
We don’t use pixels as reference for our projets because we want to be resolution independent. You can change the project to NTSC, 4K, etc without having to redo your camera moves or object positioning. If you have a pixel based software you would have to redo your camera positioning and movements to fit the new projects resolution.

You can also work with Toon Boom Bitmap Layers also. If you Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing you can choose Actual Size as Alignement rule. It will also position the bitmap images with the right relationship between them."

I hope this helps,


Hi Marie-Eve,

It should be possible to accommodate both, especially since Toon Boom is resolution independent: just as a comparison, in OpenTOonz, which also does not use pixels as a reference, the camera settings allow for adjusting the dpi resolution (and scaling the elements on the stage), and also adjusting the canvas size (without adjusting the scale of the elements on the stage).

This is a very useful feature to have indeed. Perhaps a feature request for the next version?

Hi hvanderwegen,

It could be indeed. I encourage you to add it to the Feature Request board.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s really appreciated.