Changing Anti Aliasing Settings Across Many Layers

Hello, today when I was working on my project, I noticed that even on proper write node export, none of the edges in my scene were antialiased. After some digging, I found out that each drawing object has an antialiasing quality setting, and they were all for some reason set to Low.
I painstakingly went through each one and changed the setting to High, but is there a better way? Is there a render option somewhere to set scene-wide antialiasing? I also don’t understand how these layers ended up set to low in the first place. Looking through my other scenes, there are some that have some layers with antialiasing and some without, which I don’t understand.

I also don’t know what to set for ‘Anti Aliasing Exponent’. Setting it higher seems to improve the quality of the lines up to a point, then they get closer and closer to looking unantialiased again.

In Preferences under the Node View tab check your setting for Layer Drawing Options. There are 5 variables. I have not verified that this is the source for your low setting. It seems like an odd place to locate several other settings which do not pertain to the Node View. So this may not be what I suspect it might be. Hope this makes sense to you.

EDIT: I checked quickly and it had no effect on the drawing layer so it must be a Node View antialiasing option …I am not forming a conclusion yet as it still seems odd.

AH, thank you! That setting seems to be what sets the default anti aliasing setting for new drawing layers (so it doesn’t affect any of my existing layers). I might have changed it thinking it was the anti aliasing setting for the node view GUI itself.

I still wonder if there’s a way to bulk change settings across many drawing objects, but at least now you’ve found the source of the issue.