changing a template.

I created a template for a character, then I made an “action template” from it. They were compatible because they had exactly they same structure.

But I added an extra peg to the action template (I wanted the mouth to have a peg) and I moved some pivot points, but this changed the structure and it was no longer compatible with the original template. Even if I add that peg to the original template and name it the same, it continues to not recognise it

Is there a way to make them compatible apart from starting from scratch?


ps I’m using Harmony but these forums seem to be more active and I guess it is the same issue

The action template is a tricky part that when you added the peg, the structure will miss match from the original master template unless you are adding the same peg on master or at least existing character rig in the scene to match the structure as modified action template since the entry point of key frames and the layers are missing on targeted one.
The pivot location is not affected as long as the structure is the same.

Thank you Tochiman for taking the time to answer this.
It’s great news to know the pivot is not an issue!

As far as I can see the structure is identical as I added it to the original too, and yet it still mis-matches. Everything is named the same and the order is the same.

I think for this character I’ll have to start again but I fear making the same error again. Is there an official way to add new things later on, without messing everything up?