changing a pose during a pan

How do you change a pose during an animatic pan? Yeah.I’m a newbie.

This method always works for me:
First, I use the camera tool to create the pan that I want.

If I want to draw three different poses during the pan, I will SPLIT the pan into three panels.
To split a panel, use the Timeline view. On the timeline, RIGHT-Click on the panel you want to split. choose “Split Panel at Current Frame” from the pop-up menu. It will split wherever you click, so pay attention to your position on the timeline.

Each time a panel splits, it creates two panels with the exact same artwork. You can split a panel as many times as you want, but the camera keyframes will not move so the pan itself will have the same duration as before the split. If you split a panel into three parts, all three panels will look the same, but you can now change the pose on each panel to pose out the action.

I hope that makes sense…play around with a sample scene and you’ll get it really quickly. Have fun --Sherm

Got it! Thanks Sherm!

Hey Sherm, I’ve done what you say but… Don’t you have a problem every other time, that when you split the scene it splits also the movement of the camera, making it move in funny/strange ways back and forward every time it goes from one split point to the next part of the panel?

I don’t know why it happens, it doesn’t always do that, but once it does, I can’t find a way to fix it in that particular project, even if I reset the camera movement and try to start all over again. I dunno if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a glitch on the project/program. Have you ever had that problem with the movement when splitting the scene?

*It happens with SBPro 4.1.