Changing 8 fps animation to 24 fps but having the same timing

Hello, I started an animation in 8 fps thinking I could just triple the frame exposure rate later at ease to work with 24 fps. I want all the frames to have the same amount of screen time except when you switch to 24 fps, the frame exposure stays the same. How could I change the entire projects frames to have triple the frames to make that work? I’ve done a lot of work on this animation. I was trying to basically storyboard my animation before I actually made it smooth and polished with in betweens but the 8 fps is not something that would work for my animation as it is a fight scene with lots of really fast movement. Thank you in advance if anyone comes up with a solution. I searched all over the web to find a solution but there doesn’t seem to be one.


I think this will solve your problem.

Select all the drawing in the layer.
Right-click and on the meny choose exposure/ set exposure and you can type the amount you want.
Then all the drawing will have that exposure.

I hope it helps

Oh I may have said the wrong thing Lol It started out as story boards but then I ended up basically making an animatic so each frame isn’t the same length…That’s the problem, it’d be so much easier that way but some of my frames were like 23 and some of them are a single frame. I definitely think this should be a feature though. An easily accessible one. Like maybe have a button you can toggle and when you change your frame rate(as long as it’s dividable without decimal places), the frames change accordingly. It’s surprising it’s not tbh. It would be so incredibly useful.

But I actually don’t even need help anymore, I just decided to take the daunting task of adding exposure to every. single. frame…I mean if there’s no other way to do it, I can’t lose this project just cause I started at a different fps…