Changes to onion skin?

Please forgive me if I’m wrong but there seems to be a change to the way the onion skin feature works with the latest version of Storyboard Pro. Originally, when I was working on one panel while seeing the previous panel beneath it, the color for the previous panel was BEHIND the panel that I’m working on, which is logical. Now, the color for the previous panel is on TOP of the lines of the current panel making it more difficult to draw since it obscures the panel I’m working on. Is it possible that I have an incorrect setting?

Also, when toggling between 2 panels with the onion skin slider, it now shows the previous panel and the current panel on top of each other instead of individually. By doing that, it’s rendered useless since I need to see the toggled panels individually otherwise I can’t clearly see the changes made.

Basically I’m saying that the onion skin feature worked perfectly in the previous version and the current changes have made it harder to use.


Can you write in to so that we can investigate these issues with you? I’m not sure why you’re experiencing that behaviour with the onion skin when I’m not.